Those who can, teach. Can you?

You may not have considered teaching as a career path for yourself. But, if you’re ready to use your strengths and reach your potential, you can.

If you’ve graduated from university, you’ve been fortunate to navigate an education system which unfortunately doesn’t work for everyone. And you’ll be armed with strengths and skills that could help others fulfil their own potential. 

For kids that grow up in a low-income household, there are lots of barriers to them achieving their best. Not having enough money for food, school uniforms, shoes or books limits their opportunities to learn and grow. And, when mum and dad are busy working long hours, holding down multiple jobs, there often isn’t time to help with homework. 

This is a big problem affecting thousands of Kiwi kids and it’s going to take many talented people to bring about change.

To solve this, we believe that New Zealand needs great people working as teachers inside the classroom to raise student’s aspirations and achievement levels. We also need leaders working in all parts of society to provide equal opportunities for students and their families to succeed. 

At Teach First NZ, we develop people into teachers that make a real difference at school, and who go on to help lead and inspire a real difference in society. 

This starts with our two-year leadership programme that develops top graduates and career-changing professionals into highly effective teachers and inspirational leaders.

Can you?

Those who Teach First can:

Teach First NZ offers one of the top three Graduate Development programmes in New Zealand. Our programme provides carefully selected participants with the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in a school community and inspire future generations of New Zealanders to fulfil their potential.

Those who Teach First can:

But we’re about far more than just teaching ...

We develop leaders who are committed to making a difference. Delivered with support from leading New Zealand businesses and other organisations, we draw out the abilities of our participants as communicators, innovative thinkers and influencers in a way that no other graduate programme can.

We recruit outstanding, well-rounded people from a range of disciplines and career interests. Find out about the criteria for our candidates.

  • Make a real difference to educational inequality 
  • Join a community of leaders, both local and international
  • Develop as a leader
  • Receive a salary and scholarship
  • Receive a masters level teaching qualification
  • Train and grow your strengths on the job
  • Connect to our corporate partners
  • Get on the ground experience that you can use to influence real change

Acceptance into the Teach First NZ programme means participants can:

Find out if you can

Learn to Teach, Learn to Lead

Learn to Teach, Learn to Lead

Participants share what they get from the Teach First NZ programme

You can make a difference!

You can make a difference!

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